Difference Between a Builder Floor Apartment and Multi – Storey Apartment

In India most of the people residing in apartments are  unaware about array of residing spaces such as apartments, builders floors, multi-storey and so on.. We will tell explain the different between an apartment and a builder floor apartment.


A Multi-Storey Apartment: Apartment is an American term which is used to refer to a self-contained housing unit which is a type of residential real estate occupying only part of a building. An apartment can be owned by an owner or an occupier on lease or rent. Apartments are self contained housing units in a multi storey building. It is a flat unit in a multi-storied building in a group housing complex, which is either developed by a private builder or the city development authority. Multi-storey apartments offer better security and more common  facilities, as compared to builder floor apartments. Multi-storey buildings have more than 4 floors and can go upto any number of floors depending on the layout plan. They can be furnished or unfurnished depending on the budget. High rise apartments offer 2, 3 and 4bhk  apartments on a single floor which means more families will be sharing the same floor with you also share common amenities such as club house, Swimming pool, community hall ,park ,etc.

A Builder Floor Apartment is an independent floor unit in a low rise building, with or without common facilities. In other words, it is a section of the villa building. Generally, builder floor apartments are built on smaller plots in plotted residential colonies by local builders/reputed builders. Builder floors offer more independence and are slightly more expensive, as compared to a multistorey apartment.
Builder floor apartments are generally preferred by those who want privacy and larger space. Designs of builder floors are not standardized as in the case of multi storey apartments. Most of the builder floors, you don’t have to pay monthly common maintenance charges but at the same time you will have to take care of security and maintenance yourself. While a builder floor offers independence, a multi-storey apartment offers the advantage of community living.

Choosing between a builder floor / multistory apartment is a matter of personal choice. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Opt for Builder Floor, if you want more independence, more space and if you don’t want to pay compulsory monthly maintenance charges.  A builder floor apartment is an ideal luxurious living option for people preferring a liberated and peaceful environment. A builder floor is also available with a ready-to-move in option.
  • Opt for Multi-storey Apartment, if you want a secured environment, community living and more facilities for your family. These days most of the apartments are offered with complete furnishings for a comfortable living. People staying in an apartment can enjoy a better social life and can also avail an array of facilities through the resident welfare association housing societies.


Source & Image: Times of India, wikipedia, net

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