Feng Shui Tips for Home Colours

Feng shui  is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. an ​ancient ​Chinese ​belief that the way ​your ​house is ​built or the way that you ​arrange ​objects ​affects ​your ​success, ​health, and ​happiness.

Here are some tips to know which colour reflects what as per Feng Shui practice and how to use them consequently.  Generally, Feng Shui controls the energies reflected by different colours and balances the positive and negative energies, according to one’s star. Below are some interesting facts about Feng Shui colours

feng shui tips

  • Yellow:It is considered as an lucky colour in Feng Shui. Yellow represents sunlight, friendliness, cheerfulness and warmth. If used in the house, it can create a positive energy in the house. Various shades of yellow, such as mild to bright yellow can be used. It should be used in the kitchen, as this is the place to get nourishment/food.
  • Orange:This colour has a great meaning for spiritual Feng Shui practice. It helps to strengthen the concentration and referred as a colour that is fun-loving, creative and extrovert. Avoid orange when creating a space of quiet and reflection.
  • Red:The red colour reflects the excitement, passion, romance and spirit of joy. It is best suited in the bedroom as it signifies love and romance. You can also keep it in the office as it reflects success as well.
  • Green: The colour green signifies growth, abundance, nature and balance. Including green is one of the best ways to incorporate nature into your lives. It is good for health as it draws power from the nature. Green should be used in living room and bedroom and can also be used through plants.
  • Blue:According to Feng Shui, Blue has positive energy and reflects peace and promotes health. As it is associated with sky and sea, so Feng Shui links it with exploration and adventure and gives a feel of immensity. It should be used in the north, east and south-east side of the house. Blue is also good for bedrooms as well as in the living rooms.
  • Purple:Feng Shui links purple with spiritual awareness and so it is the best colour for mental and physical healing. It is also associated with royalty, luxury, affluence, high standards, etc. As it is a very strong colour, so instead of doing an entire wall in purple, you can use different home décor objects such as wall paintings and pillows among other to decorate your home.
  • White:It represents purity, confidence, poise and new beginnings. It also signifies good thoughts and new opportunities as well. It is very good for meditation rooms as well as for living rooms. Using white colours in the northwestern or northeastern and also on the western corners of the home can be very successful.
  • Black:As per Feng Shui, Black colour signifies income and money. Unlike other traditions, black is not considered negative in Feng Shui. It is good for careers if it is combined with some metal. You can also include black through elements of home décor in your home.

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