Why Do Indians Love Online Real Estate Portals?

Most of the Indians believe that Real estate and gold-two most usual forms of savings/investment. They are what indicate great economical well being, and planning for the future is never a disappointment when you bet your money on them.



Recently, the Rajya Sabha passed a bill that would protect the real estate buyers, specially the home buying segment from possible frauds. The bill is meant at bringing in transparency and plugs the flow of unaccounted money into the sector.

People today don’t depend on middle men or brokers to scout for property. Instead, property websites are gaining popularity and helping a customer pick up the best of the deal.  Just like air/railway tickets or online shopping of consumer goods, real estate too has had its share of mega followers who have shifted from human intervention to online platform to check a property being listed. Though there are some hesitations about why this mode of buying a property is not sustainable since online is not free from frauds or cleverly constructed Offers* that may not be so.

But, how does one rule out the possibility of infusion of fresh money into the saturated market from NRI segments who would like to invest while sitting in the comfort of their chosen destination?  This is not all. Buying real estate using online websites has become more of a need than a choice. In the life of a busy professional, or someone who lives in a traffic heavy city, telecommuting to see the piece of property or a flat would be worth the time since it is hardly discomforting.

This is the main reason as to why online portals have turned into apps, and they are commanding a loyal set of consumers as well. According to a survey done by a real estate portal, about a quarter of its respondents said they had decided on a property even before they could physically visit the place or finalizes the deal.

This is one case of the virtual space swaps a real experience. That means real estate online is the way to go? Not completely because branding and delivering on promises, is something realtors will need to work on since that would mean retaining the trust on their part. About 70 – 80% searches that happen online pertaining to real estate deals are for a home purchase or a plot. It is really saving the precious time spent on physically checking the real estate or property, with all other processes requiring the physical closure of the deal.

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