Purchasing Apartment in Bangalore

Purchasing Apartment in Bangalore

Purchasing a Flat/an Apartment in Bangalore

As the property market in urban center has become all the additional dynamic because of the acquisition, sale and marketing of flats/apartments, it becomes all the additional crucial for the customer to handle the whole procedure terribly fastidiously. If you plan to have a flat or associate living accommodations in urban center and curious wherever to begin from then have a glance at the subsequent listing and therefore the info you need to possess from the developer/promoter before you seal the acquisition.


  • Mother deed/ Sale deed:This is the foremost necessary document for tracing the possession of the land. It provides details of the property on however it absolutely was nonheritable at the initial stage and also the subsequent series of transactions it’s undergone. you must conjointly check for the initial sale agreement showing the builder/developer punctually registered.
    Khata certificate & up-to-date tax paid receipts: just in case of a venture, the Khata ought to be within the landowner’s name. If you get the property directly from the developer the Khata ought to be within the name of the developer/promoter.
  • Joint Development Agreement:The agreement ought to be examined completely if it’s a joint development. you need to clearly understand the quantitative relation at that the build-up space is split between the promoter and also the property owner.
  • Encumbrance Certificate: a modern Encumbrance certificate having the small print of last thirty years ought to be checked. It will be obtained from the sub registrar.
  • Approved Plan: Check for a duplicate of the approved building set up by the individual government authority and conjointly for the portion of the flat being purchased.
  • Sanction Plan:Verify whether or not the building set up of the flat is sanctioned and additionally check the validity of the sanction set up. you want to additionally check the commencement certificate and take a confirmation from the Municipal authorities if the building adheres to the norms of the laws.
  • NOCs: You should obtain NOCs under the provisions of Income-Tax Act and Urban Land Ceiling and Regulation Act if required.
  • Occupancy certificate: This is issued to the developer by the apartment corporation/BDA/CMC. A buyer should insist for this.

Besides the higher than steps to be followed you ought to additionally make sure that the developer has obtained approvals from the Municipal Corporation, Electricity Boards, space Development Authorities and facility and waste material Boards. it’s recommended for the flat homeowners to file a joint declaration beneath province flat possession Act, 1972, get punctually registered and attain the rights and legal safeguards.

Purchasing a Commercial Flat:
Purchasing a flat in Bangalore for commercial purpose also includes more or less the same steps as in the case of a residential flat like deeds for absolute sale and conveyance. These offer a record for absolute and exclusive property rights of the commercial flat, confirms the usage rights, amenities and infrastructure.

Karnataka Ownership Flats (Regulations of the Promotion of Construction, Sale, Management and Transfer) Act, 1962 governs all the matters related to both residential and commercial flats.

Shefali Awadhiya

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