Real Estate Growth in Yelahanka Bangalore

property in BangaloreReal-estate market in Bangalore is growing stably as compared to other metropolitan cities. This is the main reason why buying or investing in property in Bangalore is very good idea.

Yelahanka is a suburb of north Bangalore, some 19 km far from the International Airport. The property prices began to rise after the international airport came into existence. The Karnataka government has instituted a body the purpose of which is to develop North Bangalore as a business hub. This is expected to eventually generate 40 lakh jobs in the area in the coming two decades. This makes Yelahanka is a one of long term investment area in Bangalore.

Yelahanka Bangalotre lies to the north of Bengaluru. It was a Municipal council and Taluk (lies below the District level in administrative setup) headquarters prior to formation of BBMP (a metro corporation annexing the original Bangalore area and its suburbs) and now forms a part of greater Bengaluru. A well planned township was developed during early 1980s to the south of the city by Karnataka Housing Board and is identified by several names like ‘Yelahanka Upanagara’; ‘Yelahanka Satellite Town’; ‘Yelahanka New Town’ or simply ‘Housing Board’.

National Highway NH7 passes through Yelahanka and newly constructed NH7 passes through the north eastern fringes of Yelahanka, acting as a bypass road to avoid the Yelahanka suburb. State Highway 9 (Bangalore – Hindupur) passing in the south of Yelahanka bisects the suburb into Old Town and New Town. Yelahanka’s business areas are Hospital Main Road and BB road in Yelahanka and in New Town are 16th ‘B’ Cross and Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan Roads.

Yelahanka has several lakes surrounding it, adjoining: Old Yelahanka, Puttenhalli, Attur and Allalasandra. The lake at Puttenahalli (3 km up the SH 9) has been declared a bird sanctuary. Most of these are either dry or are in bad condition due to emptying of untreated sewerage effluents into them.

Properties in Yelahanka have grown considerably over the past few years. Through the move of new Airport to proximate Devanahalli, Yelahanka has started attracting property developers and big scale construction doings happened in and around the area which once was an easy suburbs. Residential apartments in Yelahanka rates have increased and demand for residential units.  The real estate development history of Yelahanka has been a quick one and property rates in Yelahanka have seen appreciation this year. In case of apartments, the average price has increased by 8% in the last 2-3 years.

The avg. price in region was Rs. 3,580-5,824 per sq. ft. in the Oct-Dec 2015 quarter that is an upsurge of 11% compared to the past quarters..

The price of residential plots has also been improved. It has been increased on an average of 9%in the past three quarters. The average prices for the single square yard are ranging from Rs. 29,577 in the last quarter.



Yelahanka has also profited from the IT sectors positioned in and nearby it. It is generally chosen by the IT professionals for two major aspects – 1. The rate of the residential property in bangalore Yelahanka is lesser than regions inside the city and its vicinity to Bangalore International airport. 2. The green meadows provide a break from the intense of urban life.

All these above resions, Yelahanka would be a most preferred locality for both buyers as well as shareholders who can be positive of getting high returns on their investment in future.


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