Benefits of Studio apartment in Bangalore

If you are looking for a studio apartment in Bangalore, below there are some things you should be conscious of and also looking for.


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The first thing is that to know exactly what is a studio apartment?. Studio apartments are basically a large room with small kitchen and a bathroom attached to it. One can have a bed or a sofa cum bed, a few chairs along with a table or more according their requirement. You can furnish this as a multipurpose room any manner you want. You can have just a foldable bed, some chairs and a table. Usually, these day apartments are completely furnished when they are offered, what is on offer varies according to the builder and the location of the apartment.

The main benefit of living in a studio apartment in Bangalore is that you can live close to your work place.  Most of the studio apartments in Bangalore are located vary close to where all the IT companies zone and Special Economic Zones (SEZ).  .  Many of the studio apartments are located in Whitefield, Electronic City, Bannerghatta Road, Sarjapur, Changapur as well as Hoda Road.)

The demand for studio apartments is increasing. Studio apartments in Bangalore are the ideal choice for single working professionals, bachelors, newly married couples. Those who does not want to interested  in their modern/ luxury lifestyle. The demand for studio apartments comes mainly from software professionals and executives from the manufacturing region who have shifted from their city for long or short period of time. Studio apartments are preferred by them who are ready to pay reasonable EMIs, less maintenance charges.

So either renting or buying a studio apartment in Bangalore which is close to work would be just right for this kind of people. The size of the studio apartment ranges from 300 sq ft to 500 sq. ft..Studio apartments are available in the price range between INR 15 lakh and INR 75 lakh depending on the location and the amenities that are provided.

Space is the main problem in such kind of apartments. So one have to be very watchful while buying furniture.  One can buy furniture such as translatable sofa cum bed and, dining table, tra tble etc.  You can also use curtains to divide the single space in to smaller areas. Small changes to a studio apartment can make it look as good as a 1BHK apartment.

Studio apartments are one of the fastest moving products in the real estate market. Studio apartments are always in demand and it is easy to rent out or resell in any time in any market situations. So, if you are looking for studio apartment in Bangalore, then look for one that is close to your office and is fully furnished and offers easy access to day to day amenities, such that you can maintain a perfect work-life balance.


Anjali Radhakrishna

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