Vastu Advice For Happiness in Life

A home splashed with fantastic colors and delightful interiors additionally desires one thing a lot of to form it all excellent to measure in- the positive energy drive! To integrate these positive energy blocks into your interior styles, you would possibly got to follow some easy Vastu tips.

Vastu for Happy Living Factors that Bring Wholesome Happiness in Life

  • Health
  • Peace of mind
  • Wealth

Vastu Advise for Peace

Main Entrance
You can engrave auspicious symbols on your main doors to welcome lasting peace to remain. pictures of God that you just like or some energetic pictures of Lord Shiva and Lakshmi are often carved on your doors supported your preferences.

Colour Schemes
Choose mixed color shades like red, orange, and yellow on the walls, cabinets. it’s invariably higher to avoid blue and black the maximum amount as doable.

Sleeping Directions

  • Sleeping during a very correct direction is one in each of the primary factors for crucial your peace of mind. to take in alone the positive energy that encircles your bed, it’s higher to own intercourse head towards SouthorEast and avoid head towards NorthorWest.
  • Elders, senior voters and additionally the head of the family ought to sleep inside the Southwest direction to form certain mental peace.
  • Unmarried girls area unit instructed to couple their heads within the Northwest position for peace. it’s higher for them to avoid sleeping in Southwest direction.

Vastu Advice for Health


  • While cookery, consumption and drinking it’s higher to avoid Southwest and South direction. Face East or West throughout consumption to boost digestion system of your body.
  • When negotiating along with your business partners and customers, face either Japanese or Northern direction to get pleasure from sturdy memory power and deciding skills.
  • Basil plant or Tulsi holds high healthful values; thence strive growing a Tulsi plant reception. At a similar time, conjointly avoid Ficus elastica, cactus, tree and milk like plants that square measure impediments to physiological condition.
  • Staircases should not occupy the centre of your house. Avoid having stairs, room and bathroom on the Northeast facet. It might cause brain disorders and cancer threats.
  • Wooden beds with none space for storing square measure smart choices to decide on. They defend you against any reasonably brain and heart connected health ailments.
  • It is positive to burn a candle within the Southeast direction to boost unwell health conditions.

Vastu Advice for Wealth and Prosperity

Vastu Advice for Wealth and Prosperity

  • The basics of Vastu interior styles marks litter free home as a crucial Vastu principle.
  • North is that the direction of wealth and to draw in the positive energy of Lord Kubera, it’s vital to reinforce positive energy during this direction.
  • See thereto your main entrance door isn’t blocked by wires and different clumsy pipelines that would hamper your cash flow!
  • Always keep brooms and mops out of the sight to avoid expenses overruling your wealth.
    Desks and tables that contain computers and different objects square measure meant to be clean perpetually. this can guarantee swish flow of cash and wealth into your room.
  • The locker of your house are often within the Southwest corner of your area to fancy uninterrupted flow of wealth and possessions.

Avoid as per Vaastu Shastra for house

A great deal of your time and energy get in creating your ‘house’ into a ‘home’. Even one little oversight or incorrect call will shake its foundations and make dissonance. Don’t fret; you don’t got to break down your home to create it Vastu compliant. Follow these easy tips whereas considering doing up the interiors of your house and introduce a spirited atmosphere.

Avoid Dark Colors
According to Vaastu, the colors utilized in your home have important impact on the mood and character of the inmates.

Colours to avoid – red, black and grey in the entrance

Colours to go for – blue, yellow, white and dark green

Also, if you’re keen on the colour-break conception, then paint one wall on the east or south in an exceedingly darker shade. Let your rooms breathe vogue and luxury.

Avoid Cactus and Thorny Plants
According to Vastu, cactus or connected plants ought to ne’er be unbroken within the house. Similarly, plants with red flowers and bonsai trees mustn’t be unbroken within the house.

To Avoid – Plants in the northeast corner of the house and potted-plants along the north and east walls of the house.

To go for – Place auspicious plants like Tulsi (basil) or money plant for prosperity and happiness.

Choice of Paintings and Statues
Vaastu suggest paintings and statues placed in the house affect family members of the house too.

To avoid –paintings representational process chilling marks, scenes of Ramayana or sacred text, nude portraits, aggressive and abstract paintings with conflicting colors. Also, serious statues shouldn’t be placed within the north east space of the space. Statues or figures of untamed beasts and birds ought to be avoided.

To go for –Temples, paintings of nature scenes, prayer, and temples begin physiological condition and higher living. Rangoli, Om and swastika symbols are often safely used as they push back evil spirits and influences.

Avoid Overhead Beams
Exposed beams within the lounge area unit same to possess depressing effects, which might result in disagreements and argument within the family as per principles of Vastu.
To avoid –Sitting below the overhead beams for they’re going to result in you perpetually worrying regarding one thing or the opposite.

To go for – Try masking the beams with a false ceiling or hang a lighting fixture or chandelier on the beam to balance the energies.

No Clutter in Bedrooms
Vastu believes that cluttering of objects leads to negative vibrations especially in the bedroom. In fact, bedroom is a room where you should be able to calm yourself totally and be at peace.

To avoid – Things under the bed as they affect the subconscious mind and cause disruptions during your sleep, even footwear should not be placed under the bed.

To go for – Clean and neat bedroom area for a peaceful and calm atmosphere which helps you to live life optimally and in a well organized manner.

Whatever is displayed in your home ought to be pleasant to the eyes and mind conveyance happiness and merriment to those that observe them; inventive and cultural aspects ought to even be borne in mind, whereas selecting ornamental items or paintings and footage and putting them in our abode.

Your house is wherever your heart is and thus you wish to make sure it’s justifiedly stuffed with the foremost appropriate and essential things that bring in positive and peaceful vibrations.

Shefali Awadhiya

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