Villa or Apartment – Which is a Good Investment in Bangalore?

The silicon valley of India – Bangalore is seeing booming in  real estate investments. Thus it is very important that you are clear about your options. Most of the home buyers are so confused about buying villa or apartment  – which is a good investment in Bangalore ?


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Below are some of the reasons why one should invest in villas and apartment in Bangalore.

Investment on villas:

  1. Buying a villa can give you full access and privacy. Most people go for villas rather than going for apartments in Bangalore considering the advantages villas have. A gated villa lets the consumer live in an individual house yet, at the same time, provides them with all the amenities and benefits of apartment living. Have a look-

2.  The time taken to construct villas is far less than that is required for apartments, but taking into account the                   overall development, including amenities, then the time taken is the same, he says.

  1. The approval process is also simpler for villa projects than for apartment.
  2. From the buyer’s angle, the quality of life in a villa is far better compared to what it is in an apartment. Natural resources such as water and air are shared by less number of people; noise pollution is negligible.
  3. Villas caninstallsolar panels and windmills to create an eco-friendly environment. Not to speak of privacy and security.
  4. They are at least 30 per centmoreexpensive than apartments.

South Bangalore is taunted as an area blooming into a commercial space and is famous for several landmarks of the city like the temples, heritage sites, educational institutes, recreational centers as well as the place where the offices of ISRO and Geological Survey of India is located. This surely is one of the best locations in Bangalore and having a villa over here will not only guarantee you an improved lifestyle but is also an intelligent real estate investment.

Investment on Apartment:

Most of the home buyers in Bangalore look for apartments as their choice. Because apartments are lesser in price when compared to villas.
These are the benefits of buying an apartment:
1. An apartment comes with enough parking spaces, fire safety systems, water systems, and security.
2. It is easier to get loan for buying an apartment than to buy an independent home.
3. The cost of maintaining the independent house is more than a apartments property.
4. There will be facilities like gym, swimming pool which may lead you to live a healthy life. But for an independent house you need to opt for external clubs and sports activities.
5. Apartments are always safe because we can travel out of station by locking the doors.
6. Selling and buying an apartment is quicker than selling an independent house.
7. For a nuclear family apartments would be the best choice in the city like Bangalore.
8. Before buying an apartment go through the customer reviews and feedbacks

Both villas and Apartments have boom in Bangalore market. So in case you are confused buy an apartment or a villa we recommend that you choose a villa and make over your lifestyle and secure your future with a decent asset.





Anjali Radhakrishna

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