WTCA Towers

World Trade Centers Association is a not-for- profit organization dedicated to establish and ensure effective operation of World trade Centers. This entity exists over 40 years with presence in more than 90 countries. It has more than 300 members harboring international business expansion and development. Traditionally, the association is known for bridging the gap between government with corporates. It also improves the trade expansion between its members by encouraging them for mutual assistance and cooperation. To promote and further the concept of World Trade Center, It has spread its wings to more than 90 countries for over 40 years. It has more than 300 members who remarkably prospered through this association as it enjoys more than 75000 companies and individuals is its patrons. The members include commercial property developers, economic development agencies and international businesses.

WTCA towers

The strength of the brand name has been demonstrated very well in Bangalore. If we go back by a decade, Yeshwanthpur was known only as trading hub for agricultural products and consumer goods. More so because of its proximity to railway junction. After construction of WTC, the area has transformed immensely. There has been a phenomenal change in the demography of this region. Now we see more affluent people have started migrating this area. Within the premises, we can see high end residential apartments, hotels, school and shopping mall. Number of residential projects under construction has been on rise indicating a new preferred destination in west. The property prices has more than doubled since the commencement of operation of WTC.

Wherever the WTC has presence, the locality has flourished. I believe it’s a  golden opportunity for retails customers to associate with this brand at Mohali as the brand WTC is synonymous with trust, quality and profitability. Like Noida and Ahmedabad, this one should also prove to be very successful.


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